Thursday, July 1, 2010

MY Tyranid Swarm

I finally finished painting everything about a month ago, and played my first ALMOST game in at least 10 years. I met my old 40k mate and played a two hour turn at the local GW. Next time we will have to drop the point value a bit. Still alot of stuff to learn and memorize.

Behold my repainted army!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost Finished

So after stripping all my models a number of times, I am finally almost finished. I picked my scheme and ran with it...hope it was a good choice!
Next up I need to finish my bases.

Check out my Tervigon conversion!
Let me know what ya think



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still Alive

It's been awhile, not that it matters cause only two people read this.

I have been so busy, I have striped and repaint almost all my models:

  • 20+ Genestealers, some twice as I was looking for a scheme
  • 20+ Gaunts, some twice as I was looking for a scheme
  • 6 Gargoyles
  • 2 Wariors
  • 1 Lictor
  • 1 Biovore
In progress
  • 1 Carnefex striped not painted yet
  • 1 Brain bug that i'm not sure what i'm going to do with cause the old model looks so stupid.
  • 1 Tyrant not touched
  • 1 Ripper swarm striped
  • 1 Warrior striped

I'm real excited as I think everything is looking great.

I'll post pics soon.

Oh, and i went out and bought the game the other day and the new im almost ready to play again.


Sunday, April 4, 2010



Check out these schemes...

Also, as you can see I've been experimenting with dipping the models.....i dont think i like the result very much.

So now I have been experimenting with dry brushing once again, and i think this is the way for me to go.



Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It seems I was right!

After doing some scrubbing last night it seems that models primed with the old white GW spray primer are way more difficult to clean off than the black primed minis.


Two days in Simple Green makes the paint come clean off!


Monday, March 29, 2010


>This weekend was pretty successful!

First off, Thursday night I soaked all my Gargoyles and Zanthrope in Nail Polish Remover and one of my Warriors in Simple Green. The Nail Polish worked rather well on the metal guys and the SG worked great on the Warrior. Then Friday Night the rest of my Gaunts went into a Simple Green bath. They came pretty clean..I think I need to give the one last brush while they are dry to rid them of any debris. The second Warrior came clean quickly thanks to Linz' old mascara brush. I then soaked my Carnifex in NPR for about 10 minutes and the paint peeled off the easiest yet. I'm hoping this is because of the primer I used back then. My first batch (the Gaunts and gargoyles and warriors) were all primed w/ white and the later stuff primed in black...I can’t remember which ones I used GW primer on. Anyway I'm hoping that the black primer is easier to get off since most everything was primed black.

Now I have all of my Genestealers soaking and will be scrubbed tonight.

I have also been trying to come up with a paint scheme for my army. I'm thinking of doing the Gaunts in a yellow...but I don’t want to do that for all my guys...What do you all think about a multi colored bug army?

On top of all that I cleaned the entire basement out and cleared off our work table. I now have a safe area to have my army sit out and paint and work and everything…this is very exciting! Now I need a rule book and a codex!



Friday, March 26, 2010


Last night I got home and continued to try and clean off some Warriors and Gargoyles. The metal guys seem so much easier to clean then the plastic ones...Damn me for doing such a craptasttic job painting 13 years ago!

Later on in the evening I got the motivation up to try my hand at painting a few Gaunts that I started years ago but never finished. Two of the six where almost finished and the other four had only been primed red and washed a darker red. So I started with the carapace in a brown and then to the flesh bore with purple or orange. When it was time to add some detail to the bugs I first tried to do some feathering and blending, but my brush wasn't fine enough and I can’t seem to get the paint consistency right. Also these things are so damn small for adding so much detail. I also tried to do a wash for the detail but that sucked! (What is the difference between a wash and a glaze and a dip?) So of course I resorted to dry brushing the carapace light tan and the flesh a pinkish red, and washing the flesh bore purplish blue. I dotted the eyes bright green but could not manage to get the teeth without painting the entire face white.

By the end of the night I had a small brood of six Gaunts painted though I still need to do the bases.

I need to find a better way to plow thru a lot of small miniatures in a shorter amount of time. I plan on building this army up with mostly all Gaunts so there will be tons of them in the future. I will spend good time on the big guys like my Tyrant and Carnifex and so one, I just want to be able to get my hoard of light troops done quickly and still look ok. I painted a Gaunt a few nights ago and spent like two hours on him and it looks pretty good considering it was the first thing I painted in about ten years...but I don’t have the patience to paint 50 Gaunts at two hours a piece.

Any advice of a good technique for busting out hoard in a short amount of time?

This weekend I plan on cleaning out the basement so I have a habitable working space and I want to strip as many models as I can.